Disequilibrium and falling rate of profit: trend and cycles

主讲人: Xiaoyu Sun


主持人: 靳涛

Abstract:According to classical economists, falling rate of profit is an unquestionable economic fact. What really matters is that how to interpret it. After criticizing Smith and Ricardo who had tried in vain to discover the secret, Marx put forward his own theory of falling rate of profit. I think this theory is very important, considering that it’s based on capital accumulation theory on one hand, and provides the materialism origin for economic crises and collapse of capitalism system on the other hand. This theory has evoked the controversy among both Marxism and other branches for more than one hundred years, especially after the paper by Okishio published in 1961. After reviewing the debate over Okishio theorem, this lecture seeks to build up a new framework of general rate of profit under disequilibrium. And then we can reevaluate the theory of falling rate of profit and realize the modern value of political economy.

时间: 2019-01-17(Thursday)16:40-18:00
地点: 经济楼N302
主办单位: SOE&WISE
承办单位: 经济学系
类型: 独立讲座


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