WISE & SOE International Students of the 2016 Class

After I obtained my Bachelor degree I was wondering where I could travel to study my masters degree because my next objective was to acquire knowledge in the field of Finance. China was a country I had dreamed and promised myself to visit one day because of it culture. I wanted to learn more about it and its people. So I applied to Xiamen University to study finance both because it is one of the most prestigious universities in China and because of its beautiful environment and scenery. The courses offered were both quantitative and qualitative. This is a dream come true because not only did I attain my objective but I equally learned a lot from the people and their culture.

Overall, coming to China is one of my most amazing experiences.


------ TCHAPGANG NGOMI CORINE SORELLE, Cameroonian, Finance


Overall my experience of the course arrangements at XMU was good. I feel that we (as foreign students) were well taken care of.


First of all, as a Master scholarship student I got to stay in a cozy double room with in-built washroom, air-conditioned and the freedom to cook in the room. Besides that, the school also subsidized our electricity for a certain amount every month making our expenses low.


Secondly, amid the bureaucracy of Chinese academia, we were lucky to have a dedicated coordinator – Ms. Lin and Ms. Hou who spoke excellent English and were always willing to go beyond their job scope to assist us in academic and non-academic matters. Moreover, they were always in polite, friendly and sincere to us.


Thirdly, the lecturers are very open minded and are respectful to the students. I think this is due to the exposure they had while pursuing their doctoral degree overseas which shaped them to an international culture. Apart from that, the lecturers are knowledgeable. They know their subject well and are very willing to share their research to us.


Fourthly, the course structure for the Finance program equipped us with theory and practical knowledge. On one hand we learnt extensively about financial theory, including Fixed Income Analysis, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, while on the other hand we had a practical class, where we applied several strategies in a demo version of stock account to get a hands-on feel of a trader.


Lastly, XMU has many good clubs to join! For instance, I participated in the Dragon Boat club representing the University in the Annual Dragon Boat competition in Jimei. There are also kayaking and other water sports activities to join! Also, there is ongoing rugby training and competition near the university for rugby lovers. I would like to thank the CSC, XMU and WISE for giving me this opportunity to brighten my master life. I have indeed had an enjoyable experience in my master studies!

------Lee Eu Yang, Malaysian, Finance

I came to China with so much delight and enthusiasm to learn Finance and acquire relevant skills for a career in this field. My two-year journey of achieving this goal wasn’t very easy – serious learning isn’t always the easiest activity. However, the cultured learning environment at WISE and the supportive attitude of the professors made the entire process far less arduous.


I can say, from personal experience, that WISE has genuine interest in the development of her students. One of the things I value highly is the office hours held by every professor. This is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with the professors – whom I find very welcoming – to share their difficulties with them, with regards to the course materials, and to get immediate feedback on the best way tackle the challenges.


Furthermore, the International Master program at WISE is flexible and allows students to learn the things they find interesting. Although there are course requirements for each Major, students can choose from a wide range of courses to help them obtain the most relevant knowledge. I think this essential feature of WISE would appeal to anyone who agrees with the words of Sir Walter Scott: “All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.” I agree with this phrase. So I find the flexibility of study at WISE invaluable.


Aside from the academic environment at WISE, Xiamen is a beautiful city, with vibrant social life. The people are friendly and the University is in a nice location with scenic sea views. Being a student of the International Master Program in WISE also gives one the chance to meet, interact and make friends with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. I am grateful for the diversity of friendship and ideas I have been privileged to develop at WISE. I think this diversity is vital for a robust learning experience.


In sum, if you are a student that’s willing to accept a challenge and if you treasure the liberty to shape your learning experience, then you would find the International Master Program at WISE intriguing. If, however, you don’t fit readily into this mould, then a WISE-SOE study experience will inculcate in you a veneration of these traits.

-----Chukwuma Dim, Nigerian, Financial Engineering