WISE-CASE Workshop on Digital Economy and Decision Analytics

More than 30 academics, researchers from Germany, Singapore, the United States and China gathered at Xiamen University on 18 to 19 June, 2016 to share their thoughts, exchange ideas and build collaborative networks at “WISE-CASE Workshop on Digital Economy and Decision Analytics”. This workshop was jointly organized by Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) and School of Economics at Xiamen University, Key Laboratory of Econometrics (Xiamen University), Ministry of Education, Fujian Key Laboratory of Statistical Sciences and Center for Applied Statistics and Economics (CASE), Humboldt University.

Welcoming the attendees, Prof. Wolfgang Härdle from Humboldt University gave a brief introduction to the origin of the workshop and the profound and extensive academic cooperation between WISE and CASE.

At the workshop, 7 panel discussions were held during two days, academics and researchers presented work focusing on various aspects of statistical approach, innovation models and the application to Finance, Macroeconomics, applied Microeconomics in the era of Big data, including three keynote speeches: Prof. Jin-Chuan Duan from National University of Singapore spoke on “Non-Gaussian Bridge Sampling with an Application”, Prof. Wolfgang Härdle from Humboldt University spoke on “CRIX - A Crypto Currency Index” and Dr. Jenher Jeng from Fjord Foundation spoke on “Macro Puzzles of Global Dynamic Asset Allocation” . Over 20 research papers were presented at the worksop.