2016 New Teachers Colloquia at SOE and WISE

As one of the important activities of Teachers' Day, 2016 New Teachers Colloquia was hold by SOE and WISE on September 9th. The colloquia was host by the Dean of SOE and WISE, Prof. Yongmiao Hong. All of 2016 new economics teachers and some 2015 representatives as well as Yan Chen, Zhiwen Li, Linlin Niu and Yinggang Zhou attended the meeting.


Firstly, Prof. Hong welcomed the new teachers on behalf of SOE and WISE. After the short introduction of Xiamen University, Prof. Hong introduced the economics history at XMU, condition of discipline and platform construction, talents introduction and faculty development, international education, research, foreign exchange and cooperation, staff development and social service as well as future strategies in details. He stated that economics at XMU yielded rich achievements during the past 10 years. The proportion of teachers with overseas research experience is increasing at SOE and WISE, which promotes the teaching and research internationalization rapidly. SOE and WISE will introduce more and more teachers with overseas research experience.


Then Prof. Hong introduced the basic tasks, salary and how to adapt to China's environment in details. He encouraged the new teachers to be strict to themselves and switch roles and then produce a series of influential scientific research achievements.


The new teachers explained their study experience and research orientations. They showed great passion to adapt to the new environment and contribute to SOE and WISE.